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The Circus That is The 2012 GOP Presidential Race

When I thought about writing this column, I really didn’t know where I was going to start. So, I figured why not share my own experience with this years Presidential race. First, let me start by saying that as a voter it was amazing that we started out with over 10 candidates–all of which I might say would do a better job than our current President. It was almost like going into Baskin-Robbins and having a hard time choosing which flavor you wanted. I mean one day it was Perry, the next day it was Newt, and then Cain, and so on and so on…

For me I started with liking Governor Perry–I had followed his career in Texas and respected his accomplishments. Then, like many Americans I was disappointed with Gov. Perry’s debate performances. I started to think, could Gov. Perry go head-to-head with the President and succeed? The answer I came to was maybe; maybe not. For me, it wasn’t worth taking that chance–we need someone strong to contrast with the President this fall during the debates!

Now, we all have our favorite candidate now–with only 4 left most of us have made our choice. What’s most interesting and even entertaining is all the different winners in the primaries and caucuses. Who would have thought that Santorum for example would sweep 3 states in one day–not very many folks I talk to. Then most recently, we had Rep. Paul put on an impressive showing in Maine. With each week comes a new twist and turn, and ultimately new polling numbers showing someone else on top.

Most of the folks in the media are more than happy that our primary process is dragging on. I also suspect that the Presidents campaign is loving the back and forth in this GOP contest. When you think about the stark contrasts between the final 4 candidates, it does somewhat amaze me that the Republican Party is still so divided when it comes to who they support. For me, it comes down to leadership, style, and substance. Yes, I’ve made my choice, but I’m not getting into that for the sake of this column.

While we have another debate this month–I believe on Feb. 22nd, I’m not sure it will change anyone’s mind on who they want to see win the GOP nomination. However, I think it will help to solidify ones mind on their respective choice. No matter what happens, I do feel that this race is nearing its end during the next 30 – 45 days. Its been a circus this GOP race, but in the end I hope it helps us make that right choice. My pledge is to get behind our nominee–whoever that is. In the meantime, we’ll all just have to sit back and watch the show that is the 2012 Republican Primary!

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My Thoughts On The Tea Party Movement

During much of the course of this year, I’ve been asked by many friends and acquaintances what my thoughts are regarding the Tea Party movement. At first, I didn’t have much of an opinion because I didn’t know much about it. However, as 2010 has moved on–so has the Tea Party movement.

It is almost daily now that we see some news media outlet doing some kind of story about the Tea Party. Whether it’s a story about a Tea Party candidate or a story about the movement itself, we just can’t get away from its popularity.

It is certainly a curious movement with names like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck having thrust themselves into de-facto leadership roles. The Tea Party movement is passionate, thoughtful, colorful, and often entertaining. While many of us now know so much about the Tea Party, there is still so much we do not know.

In particular, we have seen the effectiveness of this movement across the nation in many of the Republican Primary Elections. Sarah Palin backed Tea Party Candidates have won a great number of primary elections across America, and Tea Party backed candidates have also shown the ability to oust the establishment. However, what we still do not know is how these Tea Party Candidates will fare in the November elections.

General Elections are nothing like primaries–folks on both sides often run toward the center on ideological issues. Having said that, the Independent vote will be crucial this year and if a candidate is unable to court this constituency they’ll be in a lot of trouble! With all the important issues facing Americans right now, speaking about real solutions and presenting a plan may be the difference between winning and losing. In addition, a lot of the races across the country will be decided by overall turn-out. If Democrats can rally their base in some of the close races they’ll pull off some wins–if Republicans can energize their supporters and put a great get-out-the-vote effort on; they have a chance.

As a Republican, I can tell you that much of what the Tea Party stands for I support. As an American I love seeing a new breed of citizen become involved in our political process. As a realist however, I wonder if this movement will in the end accomplish what’s its set out to do…whatever that may be? If you read the many Tea Party websites you’ll see things like…“uphold the Constitution, speak out, stop excessive government spending, return government to the people, etc.”

What I find interesting about the movement is that it’s  generated a huge number of supporters–into the many millions! What they haven’t done is come even close to equaling the numbers of dedicated Republicans and Democrats in this nation. I know Republicans and Democrats that both believe in protecting the Constitution of the United States and making government more efficient. Many of these folks are not members of the Tea Party movement, but still serve to make America a better place to live, work, and raise their families.

In Nevada, we have over 16 independent Tea Party organizations. Many of which have no direct communication with each other–in fact, some of these groups are backing different candidates in legislative and judicial races. If not for websites and social media, you wouldn’t even know some of these groups were linked to the Tea Party. In my opinion what’s most disturbing about the movement is that it lacks a leader. Often we are hearing from multiple individuals that speak in conflict with each other on issues linked to the Tea Party cause.

There are some who argue that the Tea Party represents the little guy, the disenfranchised citizen who just wants the old guard out. It’s true that this grassroots organization has brought some new folks into the political mold–people who have never been involved in politics before. However, what I fear as a Republican is a high jacking of our party! I’m one of those Republicans who believes that we as a party can represent all Americans. I believe that we need to be the party of Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. I believe that we must have a big tent and welcome all Americans regardless of race, religion, or gender into the Republican Party.

Only time will tell how effective this Tea Party movement will be. In November we’ll have an answer and history will be made one way or the other. I can only hope as an American and citizen who cares deeply about this nation that folks make the right decision when they go into the ballot box. The status quo isn’t getting the job done anymore, and we face too many challenges to not put the right individuals into public office.

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Divisiveness Won’t Win Elections

Recently there has been a lot of talk in Nevada about how down-and-out the GOP is. Truth be told, the Republican Party is in huge disarray, and has been going down hill for the past 5 years. › Continue reading

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