Happy Easter Prayer

A Prayer for Easter Morning

0 Lord Jesus Christ, who upon this day did conquer death and rise from the dead,
and who are alive for ever more, help us never to forget your Risen Presence forever with us.

Help us to remember,

That you are with us in every time of perplexity to guide and to direct;
That you are with us in every time of sorrow to comfort and console;
That you are with us in every time of temptation to strengthen and to inspire;
That you are with us in every time of loneliness to cheer and befriend;
That you are with us even in death to bring us to the glory of your side.

Make us to be certain that there is nothing in time or in eternity which can separate us from you,so that in your presence we may meet life with gallantry and death without fear.

You turn our darkness into light, in your light we shall see light.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.
Christ the Lord is risen today!

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“Healthcare Bill Passes Congress”

March 21, 2010
“Healthcare Bill Passes Congress”
“Please join me in my fight against “Big Government”, who just told us through Congress what type of healthcare we must have. The feeling of Conservatives like myself, and Independents is that we are a Country divided. A bill in Congress of this magnitude that only passes by 7 votes, proves that this was a partisan, social, and liberal attack on the American people.
I will always stand for small business, capitalism, and the working men and women of our Country. I cannot, and will not stand for socialism, and government control of our lives–this healthcare bill does just that. I am saddened by the reckless acts of our U.S. Congress, and I ask that you join me in efforts to repeal this bill, join other states that plan to sue the federal government, and work to protect Nevadans from Washington, D.C. forcing their ideology on our citizenry.
I will fight, as I always have for the principles embedded in our Constitution, protecting those most important words in our Declaration of Independence: “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”…this healthcare bill stares in the face of these most precious words.”

Nathan Taylor
Candidate–Assembly District 13

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The Things That Are Important About Christmas

It isn’t easy explaining all the things I love about Christmas, because there is so much about it that I truly love!

Christmas for me always brings back great memories of my childhood–all the cool presents I got, and the awesome food my family made. Helping my Mom and sisters decorate the tree was also a fun and exciting event in our home. Like many families, we drank eggnog and listened to Christmas carols. There is just something about traditions that strikes a cord in my heart.

As we get older things change, but some of the traditions remain the same–for me, there is still the tree decorating, even though I don’t put up as many decorations now as I used to. There is still the occasional night of listening to Christmas music, and thank goodness Mom’s food is still amazing!

In recent weeks as we have gotten closer to Christ’s birthday–the reason we celebrate Christmas, I’ve thought about the importance of the holiday, and what it means for so many of us. While the religious fact of the holiday is the most important, one of the results of this celebration is the gift of fellowship.

As many of us attend holiday parties and company gatherings, we’re able to see many of the people we deal with during the year in a different setting. Somehow the stresses of work, and responsibilities escape us, if only for a few hours. Christmas gives us a warm feeling of giving and selflessness. This is a time when many of us give to local charities, feed the less fortunate, and think about others.

Christmas in my opinion is the best way to finish out each year. It is a time of fun, but also a time for reflection. While times have been tough for all of us this year, now we can put it behind us and enjoy being with our family and friends. Remembering that often the simple things in life are the most important, and most enjoyable.

So laugh a little, love a little, and remember that Christmas is a time to celebrate–for there is much to celebrate in our lives!

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Nathan Taylor For Nevada State Assembly


You are cordially invited to attend my campaign kickoff for Nevada State Assembly › Continue reading

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Why Nevada Needs Taxes Low

It’s no secret that after this years legislative session in Carson City, fees and taxes increased. Some of those increases were a direct result of a state budget shortfall that threatened to all but dismantle crucial public services. While issues regarding some of the taxes and fee increases continue to be debated, one fact remains–Nevada needs to keep taxes low. › Continue reading

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Tuesday, October 27th, 2009 Nevada No Comments

Common Sense Republicans

Often in the political process, you come across people who are very far left, or very far right. Politico’s call them liberals and conservatives–some crazy bloggers and media hacks call them socialists or neo-cons. These are buzz words used in politics, and most often they are used to garner attention. › Continue reading

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Friday, October 16th, 2009 Politics No Comments

What The Heck?

Alright, so the news is out that former State Senator Joe Heck has decided to switch gears and NOT run for Governor of Nevada. Instead, he’s chosen to launch a campaign for Congress, after GOP hopeful John Guedry dropped out of the race last week. After spending several months trying to run a credible campaign for Nevada Governor, it didn’t appear that Heck was gaining any traction in the crowded field. What makes Heck think anything will be different in his quest to unseat Congresswoman Dina Titus? › Continue reading

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Tuesday, October 6th, 2009 Nevada Comments Off on What The Heck?

Tarkanian Answers Pointed Questions For Senate Bid

U.S. Senate Candidate Danny Tarkanian
U.S. Senate Candidate Danny Tarkanian

I had the pleasure of sitting down to lunch with U.S. Senate Candidate Danny Tarkanian this past week. While Danny and I have been friends for many years, as a writer now I often have to sit down with friends and ask them tough questions. On this day, I wanted to know just a few specific things regarding his bid for the U.S. Senate. › Continue reading

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Thursday, September 17th, 2009 Nevada Comments Off on Tarkanian Answers Pointed Questions For Senate Bid

A Personal Story In Support Of The March Of Dimes, by Maggie Aranowski

March_Of_Dimes_LogoThe March of Dimes Signature Chefs Event of Las Vegas is coming soon! On October 3, 2009 you can have the chance to experience the cuisine of 30 top Las Vegas Chefs, bid on amazing auction items, sip luxurious cocktails but most of all help Nevada’s Babies. I am so passionate about this event and this is why: › Continue reading

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Monday, September 14th, 2009 Human Interest Comments Off on A Personal Story In Support Of The March Of Dimes, by Maggie Aranowski

NV GOP Assembles Basketball Team For Senate Seat

The GOP Dream Team has been assembled for the 2010 elections, but unfortunately they’re all running against each other! We all woke up this morning to the news that State Senator Mark Amodei from Carson City is entering the race for U.S. Senate against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Alright…lets lists the candidates for this seat thus far: › Continue reading

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Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 Nevada Comments Off on NV GOP Assembles Basketball Team For Senate Seat
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