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Nevada’s 75th Legislative Session Wraps-Up

I don’t think there is anyone who would say that this year’s legislative Session was boring by any means. Truthfully, I’ve never seen or been a part of a legislative session that was–it’s always interesting and sometimes entertaining!Nevada’s 75th Legislative Session turned into one of the most important legislative sessions since 2003, when then Governor Kenny Guinn had to sign an $800 million dollar tax increase. I was fortunate enough to be serving my Public Service Internship in Governor Guinn’s office during the 2003 legislative session. One of the most remarkable things I witnessed while serving in Governor Guinn’s office, was his steadfast and unwavering leadership. As a 26 year old, you can’t help but be a little star-struck at watching the Governor walk into the office everyday, but I think I was more amazed at how calm, cool, and collected the Governor was during such a stressful time. › Continue reading

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Saturday, May 30th, 2009 Government Comments Off on Nevada’s 75th Legislative Session Wraps-Up

Enabling Legislation…Would Lincoln Approve?

I was reminded today while following up on some bills passed by the legislature of that old saying, “all government is local.” The reason I thought about this was because one of the bills passed by the Nevada State Legislature was SB 201. A summary of the bill reads:

AN ACT relating to taxation; authorizing certain counties to impose additional taxes on fuels for motor vehicles; providing for the administration, allocation, disbursement and use of the additional taxes; exempting the sale of revenue bonds secured by county fuel taxes from certain requirements; and providing other matters properly relating thereto. › Continue reading

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Monday, May 18th, 2009 Government Comments Off on Enabling Legislation…Would Lincoln Approve?
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