The Era of Infidelity

Over the past week, we’ve heard of the shocking announcements of two high-ranking elected officials having cheated on their wives. The reality of these announcements is that I found in my discussions with people that they were not really shocked. Unfortunately, we’ve all become too accustomed to these types of actions by elected officials, movie stars, and corporate executives.

The reality of these recent announcements, is that the American public is so used to high profile and famous people announcing affairs, that these announcements have really lost their shock value. How sad is it that we have become so accustomed to these types of actions by people in the public arena.

It makes me wonder if today’s society has just lost so much of the moral standards that so many still hold so dear.? Have we as a people turned the corner so far that we just don’t expect anything less from people? I’m not sure of the answer to this question, but I can only hope that the answer is no.

One of the most important virtues that my Mom taught me in life was to be honest, have good character, and strong moral convictions. Now we all fall from grace in our lives and make mistakes–common or not. The American public doesn’t expect anyone to be perfect, but they expect honesty especially when it comes from their elected officials. Listen, politicians are human like the rest of us–they have the same problems that most Americans suffer from…only difference is that when they hit a bump in the road it’s front-page news.

What seems to get lost in all of this, is the damage ones actions brings upon family members and friends. I know that every time I ever messed up as a kid, or even as an adult, it was my family and friends that felt bad for me–it was those closest to me that hurt the most. So when we make mistakes in life, it is sometimes a most selfish act because we aren’t just hurting ourselves. I’ve learned at a young age that my actions affect others around me–while I’m not perfect and my actions not always agreed upon by others, I only have myself to blame–in life we are often our own worst enemy!

Today I don’t feel sorry for those men who cheated on their wives–I feel sorry for their family. It is those behind the scenes of these pubic indiscretions that are suffering the most because of the bad decisions made by their spouses. I pray for them and hope that the Lord will give them strength and bring them peace. Lets hope that this era of infidelity we are now living in starts to end soon, and that those individuals we admire and look up to will think before they let down so many people!









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