The Circus That is The 2012 GOP Presidential Race

When I thought about writing this column, I really didn’t know where I was going to start. So, I figured why not share my own experience with this years Presidential race. First, let me start by saying that as a voter it was amazing that we started out with over 10 candidates–all of which I might say would do a better job than our current President. It was almost like going into Baskin-Robbins and having a hard time choosing which flavor you wanted. I mean one day it was Perry, the next day it was Newt, and then Cain, and so on and so on…

For me I started with liking Governor Perry–I had followed his career in Texas and respected his accomplishments. Then, like many Americans I was disappointed with Gov. Perry’s debate performances. I started to think, could Gov. Perry go head-to-head with the President and succeed? The answer I came to was maybe; maybe not. For me, it wasn’t worth taking that chance–we need someone strong to contrast with the President this fall during the debates!

Now, we all have our favorite candidate now–with only 4 left most of us have made our choice. What’s most interesting and even entertaining is all the different winners in the primaries and caucuses. Who would have thought that Santorum for example would sweep 3 states in one day–not very many folks I talk to. Then most recently, we had Rep. Paul put on an impressive showing in Maine. With each week comes a new twist and turn, and ultimately new polling numbers showing someone else on top.

Most of the folks in the media are more than happy that our primary process is dragging on. I also suspect that the Presidents campaign is loving the back and forth in this GOP contest. When you think about the stark contrasts between the final 4 candidates, it does somewhat amaze me that the Republican Party is still so divided when it comes to who they support. For me, it comes down to leadership, style, and substance. Yes, I’ve made my choice, but I’m not getting into that for the sake of this column.

While we have another debate this month–I believe on Feb. 22nd, I’m not sure it will change anyone’s mind on who they want to see win the GOP nomination. However, I think it will help to solidify ones mind on their respective choice. No matter what happens, I do feel that this race is nearing its end during the next 30 – 45 days. Its been a circus this GOP race, but in the end I hope it helps us make that right choice. My pledge is to get behind our nominee–whoever that is. In the meantime, we’ll all just have to sit back and watch the show that is the 2012 Republican Primary!

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