This has gone on for way too long, and it’s looking like the GOP is going to cannibalize themselves going into the 2010 elections. At least in Nevada right now it is appearing as though the different factions are paving the way to beat each other up for the chance to call themselves king of the mountain. What is really sad is the fact that Republicans actually have the chance to win some elections next year. I’m not saying that Republicans will just walk into office next year, because that is surely not a given. What I am saying is that if President Obama keeps falling in the polls, and Democrats keep getting pounded by Americans who absolutely hate this proposed healthcare plan–Republicans have a CHANCE.

I highlight chance, because as I’ve been saying for months now, Republicans do the best job of shooting themselves in the foot than anyone. Republicans have done an awesome job at killing each other on the battlefield instead of coming up with good ideas and finding ways to work together. Many of the folks I first met in 1996 when I first got involved in Republican politics in Nevada seem to have forgotten all the good things Ronald Reagan taught us. The fact is, these are now people who believe that whatever they think in the right way to think. Bottom-line, that’s a bunch of BS…the “art of compromise”, is one of the best traits a politician can have.

In my opinion, since this in my opinion column I do not think anyone can govern from the extreme right or the extreme left–it just doesn’t work. History has shown that while often candidates will run and get elected on some extreme platforms that once in office they learn that governing is a whole other animal. Having worked for a half-dozen elected officials, I can tell you that governing is not an easy task. Once you’re elected, you don’t represent Republicans, you don’t represent Democrats, you don’t represent Independents–YOU REPRESENT CITIZENS!

Trust me when I say I think that my point of view is much better than that of MOST Democrats! However, I also think that my Mom who is a Democrat and has been her whole life has some great ideas herself–not just saying that because she is my Mom. My point here is that if you’re a Republican and you agree with most of your fellow Republicans on 80% of policy issues, then you’re a Republican and those you agree with should be your friends . Folks who constantly levy attacks at their fellow Republicans because they have a populist point of view are only hurting themselves and HELPING the Democrats!

BIG TENT = Ronald Reagan…remember that anyone? It seems Republicans have totally forgotten about the 11th Commandment and have decided to use a scorched earth approach toward carving out their place in the GOP. This is not going to work folks–we’ll continue to LOSE if we keep this crap up! Republicans must be the party of EVERYONE, not just a party for the right-wingers! I personally am sick and tired of people in our party beating each other up because they don’t agree with each other. Just shut-up and get someone elected!

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 Politics
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