Common Sense Republicans

Often in the political process, you come across people who are very far left, or very far right. Politico’s call them liberals and conservatives–some crazy bloggers and media hacks call them socialists or neo-cons. These are buzz words used in politics, and most often they are used to garner attention.

What is not often talked about is the fact that the majority of Americans don’t fit into a specific extremist category. Most Americans are sensible, and at the end of the day share similar values and positions. The point I’m making is that not all of us fit into a mold created by individuals with extremist positions in both parties. Republicans and Democrats share many of the same ideals, while at the same time disagreeing on some of the most important and controversial topics of the day; example: taxes, second-amendment rights, social spending, health care reform, social security reform, Medicare reform, and many others.

Nevada is very unique when it comes to our political leanings. Without dissecting our political culture, I’ll just say that Nevada has always been a very independent thinking state. Our citizens have tended to vote for candidates over the years, and not party–this doesn’t discount party politics, but it does show that our citizens have, and can go either way in a given election year. Nevada is a state that voted for Bill Clinton twice and then turned around and voted for George Bush twice. Having said that, I don’t think Nevada is a blue or red state, rather Nevada is an ever changing community with very unique issues.

I thought about this topic this past week when I sat down with a Republican friend of mine, just having visited with another longtime friend who is a Democrat. We talked about how interesting it was that the two-party system in our country has caused so much division. Generally speaking, elected officials want to accomplish goals that yield positive results for their constituents. Often, Republicans and Democrats just simply disagree on how to get there.

Nevada’s 2009 Legislative Session was a great example of how Republicans had to work across the isle in order to receive concessions from the Democratic majority. Republicans did not want to raise any taxes, fees, or increase the size of government. What many Republican Legislators did want to do was save our state from falling farther into the abyss. Had Republicans not worked with Democrats in Nevada this past legislative session, who knows what kinds of tax and spend package we would have received from the other side. This gets me to my point–I refer to Republicans that work across the isle to ensure funding of crucial services like police, fire, and near and dear to my heart, education as “common sense Republicans.”

Government has a purpose, and should be limited. Having said that, if Republicans continue to be the party of NO and refuse to offer any solutions, we’ll continue to be a minority party not only in Nevada, but in Washington, D.C. Educating our children, protecting our communities, and providing security to our nation should be some of the most important topics addressed by lawmakers. In addition, putting Americans back to work by offering incentives to small businesses needs to be a priority. Republicans that can work with Democrats to accomplish these goals are not RINO’s, but rather “Common Sense Republicans”.

Friday, October 16th, 2009 Politics

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