Why Nevada Needs Taxes Low

It’s no secret that after this years legislative session in Carson City, fees and taxes increased. Some of those increases were a direct result of a state budget shortfall that threatened to all but dismantle crucial public services. While issues regarding some of the taxes and fee increases continue to be debated, one fact remains–Nevada needs to keep taxes low.

Over the years, Nevada has been a state that’s attracted new corporations and businesses because we’ve had a friendly tax structure. Nevada is a state that doesn’t have a state income tax, and that alone makes our state attractive to new companies. However, Nevada can quickly change its status as a business friendly state if we allow many of the taxes and fees passed during the 2009 legislative session to remain in-place.

A perfect example of a fee increase that hurt small business owners in Nevada is S.B. 429 that increased the fee for a state business license from $100 to $200–the bill indicates that the increase will expire effective June 30, 2011. However, it is very rare that government ever lowers taxes, or allows fee increases (another word for tax) to in-fact expire. Hopefully in the 2010 elections, voters send enough individuals to Carson City in 2011 to ensure that these fees and taxes EXPIRE.

There is another bill I wanted to address that I believe is paramount when it comes to Nevada’s tax culture. The bill I speak of is A.B. 403, which states “…authorize the Legislature to make changes to the Sales and Use Tax Act of 1955 without voter approval…”. What gets me is four words “taxes” and “without voter approval”. The legislature is at a turning point and allowing lawmakers to tax and spend without oversight by the citizens of Nevada is unacceptable.

As most of you know, currently Nevada’s legislature is controlled by democrats who want to tax and spend their way into prosperity. This will not work, and the Obama administration is the best example of that. In order for Nevada to remain competitive against other states, and attract new business and industry, we MUST keep our taxes low. Now this doesn’t mean that we ignore our responsibilities to our children, the continued need to fund education, the funding of our police and firefighters, and maintaining crucial services that impact the lives of our most vulnerable citizens.

Some of our elected officials have it right when they talk about the need to diversify our economy, the need to bring green technology to our state, and creating a place where businesses throughout the country can utilize Nevada as a shipping hub. The challenge is going to be doing all of this while maintaining a business climate that doesn’t over-tax, over-regulate, and under-deliver. Nevada must keep taxes and fees low if we want to prosper in the future–our rich history of being a business friendly state is on the brink of collapse. Our only hope is to send a message to Carson City by electing business friendly legislators in next years elections.

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009 Nevada

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