What The Heck?

Alright, so the news is out that former State Senator Joe Heck has decided to switch gears and NOT run for Governor of Nevada. Instead, he’s chosen to launch a campaign for Congress, after GOP hopeful John Guedry dropped out of the race last week. After spending several months trying to run a credible campaign for Nevada Governor, it didn’t appear that Heck was gaining any traction in the crowded field. What makes Heck think anything will be different in his quest to unseat Congresswoman Dina Titus?

Maybe former State Senator Joe Heck knows something that I don’t? What I do know is that folks on the ground find it very odd that someone who campaigned so hard on wanting to be Governor, suddenly switches their sights to Congress. Perception is often reality in politics, and when someone switches races, it appears as if they just want to get elected to something. It may be that this congressional race is better suited for Heck, but I worry about how the public will perceive this recent switch.

Just as an observation, Heck is aligned with some of the most far-right leaning Republicans in the state of Nevada. This I do believe will pose a problem for Heck in his race against Titus. Congressional District 3 is a very moderate district in Nevada and its voter registration reflects that. Former Congressman Jon Porter who lost the race to Titus on the back of a Democratic surge last year, was attacked during his re-election campaign for his support of the Bush administration. It should worry Heck and his supporters that Democrats will pull any quote out there that shows Heck supporting the Bush administration or any far-right policies.

As a lifelong Republican and a native of Nevada, I know that Nevadans tend to be independent. While I’m a Republican, I do know the importance of working across the isle and trying to come together for the better good of ALL Nevadans. It worries many Nevadans including myself when you have Republicans that are not willing to find compromise on important policy issues. Heck is fighting an uphill battle, and while he may cruise through the GOP primary, the general election next year will be another story.

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