Water Fight Of The Century, Part 2

I’m going to go ahead and continue with my interview with Hank Vogler, since what he has to say is so very interesting.

I asked Mr. Vogler, “do you believe this project will have a negative impact on our environment, and if so, how?”

Mr. Vogler responded, “The areas that the water is going to come from have already shown the signs of over pumping. Agriculture only uses the water for a few short months and negative re-charge is occurring. Look at what is happening in Steptoe Valley.

The water boom started last year. With the rush to re-certify the agriculture water, wells have had to be deepened. Look at Diamond Valley. These Agricultural uses are only for a few months. The pipeline is twenty four seven and three hundred sixty five days a year. Springs will dry up in the mountains. Wildlife and horses will lose grazing areas.

The valley bottoms vegetation are dependent on high water tables. When these plants die dust will blow. We are about to create Owens Valley on steroids. Soil erosion will accelerate. The Sahara Desert will look lush. The minute the pipeline is built, Las Vegas will need more water. The only solution at that time will be to expand the pipeline to more valleys. If the demographers are half right all of rural Nevada will be destroyed if the water goes to keep pace with the doubling of the population of Las Vegas. This does not take into account the fact that Reno has a larger problem with the lack of water.

History will condemn the short-sightedness of the project. Buy SNWA a map of the Pacific Ocean. My house is just sixty miles different than the Sea of Cortez. Make some trades. Desalinization. No pipeline will be needed. Trade Colorado River water for operating the desalinization plant. Phoenix will trade, and so will Los Angeles. San Diego would also love to get in on this! The lack of water is not just a Las Vegas problem. Modern advances in the process are coming along all the time.”

There is so much I found interesting and eye-opening about what Mr. Vogler said, but I really like it when I hear someone talk about “desalinization”…this is a wonderful way to get fresh water to people without destroying the environment and infringing on the rights of Nevada Ranchers. Here is a link to a great website that explains the process of desalinization–please read, it is very, very interesting!


Monday, August 31st, 2009 Nevada

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