Train Needs to Start Rolling

There has been a lot of news lately regarding the proposed high-speed train between Las Vegas and southern California. I wanted to weigh in on this, because I know what a huge need there is for another mode of transportation between Las Vegas and Southern California.

As someone who travels to Los Angeles and San Diego quite frequently, I am keenly aware of the long and sometime boring 4 hour drive. While sometimes I truly enjoy the drive because it gives me an opportunity to crank my music up and escape from my day-to-day routine–it would be nice to sit on a train, read a book and listen to my ipod.

Many of my readers know that there are two proposed projects for a high speed train, and of course it has become a very highly charged political battle with politicians weighing in on what project they support. I’m not as concerned with the politics of it, but rather just the need to get one of them off the ground.

This past weekend I was driving back to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, and as I headed down Mountain Pass I was shocked to see that traffic was backed up leaving Las Vegas for over 15 miles! This made me realize that not only is the train project something Las Vegas needs and would assist our local economy, but the residents of Southern California would utilize a train in droves. Just imagining how much this would help Southern Nevada’s local economy is an amazing thought!

I don’t have a preference for either project, my only hope is that one of them becomes reality in order to make life easier for Californian’s and Nevadan’s. After living on the east coast for a period of time, I know the joys of riding a train as a mode of transportation. For business folks, riding a train allows one to continue their work while in route to a meeting. Riding a train is also a great way to network with people–on several occasions when I was on a train between Washington, D.C. and New York City, I had the opportunity to meet some very interesting people. I couldn’t possibly list all the positive aspects of riding a train, but as it relates to this project, I know it would have a significant positive impact on its riders. Please folks, can we get this train rolling!

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009 Nevada

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