Tarkanian Sets his Sights On Harry Reid

Only 1 day after I wrote my column about Congressman Dean Heller jumping into the U.S. Senate race against Harry Reid, well known businessman and former UNLV basketball player Danny Tarkanian announced his candidacy to challenge Reid.

While I would love to think that it was my doing that led Tarkanian into the race, I know that’s not the case! I’ve known Danny for years and he is very liked within the Republican community. He’s known to be a man of integrity, principles, and determination.

The real question is: Can he win? It would be extremely ignorant for someone to make this quote to the Las Vegas Review Journal:

Nevada conservative Chuck Muth, who recently launched a political action committee called Dump Reid PAC, said he doesn’t think Tarkanian is the Republican with the best chance to win the seat.



Trust me when I say it pains me to have to point out AGAIN that Chuckie Moot isn’t a Republican and just because he has a following from some GOP activist, it DOES NOT make him the authority on Republican politics. I’ve said before that I’ve been a registered Republican since I was 18 years old and I’ve never switched parties! Unlike Chuckie who doesn’t have any influence or access to the GOP powers in Nevada, I talk with them on a regular basis. Point being, of course Tarkanian can win–he has a lot going for him!

Lets just ask ourselves a few simple questions: Can Tarkanian raise money? YES. Does Tarkanian have name recognition? YES. Is Tarkanian a good campaigner? YES. Has Tarkanian proven himself to be a fighter in the political arena? ABSOLUTELY YES!

Now that we have some answers to these questions, we now must see who else jumps into this race. Republicans now have a few choices in the upcoming primary race, and if the information I’m receiving is correct–there will be a few more GOP contenders getting into this race. I wish Danny the best in this race, as I do all the Republicans that are currently announced. Welcome to Campaign 2010!

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