Reid’s Energy Summit Kick’s Off Campaign 2010

How can I resist commenting on Senator Harry Reid’s Energy Summit today at UNLV. In fact, the truth about today is that it was the official kick-off for Harry Reid’s 2010 re-election campaign! While it pains me to recognize that this was an amazing display of power–it truly was!

Reid was able to call on former President Bill Clinton to speak at the Summit, former Vice-President Al Gore served on the panel, and the rest of the guests, including two sitting Presidential Cabinet Secretary’s were a who’s who in the Democratic and Energy Reform world! Senator Reid was even able to get T. Boone Pickens on the panel who even remarked today about being a Republican. In all of the years I’ve been in politics, this was one of the most impressive show of influence, power, and control I’ve ever seen! Support Harry Reid or not, this guy has some serious juice, and showed it in one of the most brilliant and mightiest ways!

Now that campaign 2010 is under-way, candidates like Danny Tarkanian and Sharon Angle can see with their own two eyes that Harry Reid is going to pull-out all the stops to get re-elected next year. I guess when you’re the most powerful person in the U.S. Senate and arguably one of the top two powerful people in Washington, D.C. you’ll do whatever it takes to keep your job. We all know that Reid will have as much money as he needs to run a very aggressive and possibly effective campaign. We can expect that Reid will tout all he’s done in his many years in Washington, D.C., and highlight all the PORK and pet-projects he’s been able to fund here in Nevada. However, he won‘t be able run away from the unemployment numbers we have in Nevada right now and his close association with the Obama administration–who seems to be losing credibility on a daily basis.

Republicans are going to need to unite behind someone if we want a chance to beat Reid. While there are some fringe groups out there setting up PAC’s to try and beat Reid, I question how effective they will truly be. Since some of the folks that are yelling loud from the streets to get rid of Reid lack some credibility because they are often viewed in the general public as rabble-rousers and media whores, I don’t think those who matter will listen to them.

Without laying out a campaign plan for someone against Reid, whomever emerges from the Republican primary next year is going to have to make the argument that Nevada is better-off without Harry Reid in office. I personally have disagreed with Harry Reid’s policies for years, and fear now this his support for healthcare reform and the raising of taxes will do nothing to help America. I also question Reid’s timing on this Energy Summit, but still think it was a great idea and I generally enjoyed today’s discussion.

I’m all for alternative sources of energy and pursuing anything that will bring jobs to Nevada. Truth be told, Nevada is one of the best places in the United States to build solar and wind generated power. If the Republican Party allows the Democrats to control this dialogue this will hurt them next year. Sarah Palin is a great example of someone who defined this issue during last years election cycle and GOP candidates should take note.

None of us know just yet what the fall-out will be from the healthcare legislation, but it doesn’t look good. Town hall meetings across this country have demonstrated a backlash against Democrats who support this joke of a bill. So far Harry Reid has avoided putting himself into an embarrassing situation, and instead of holding a summit on healthcare, he brings some of the most powerful political minds in the country to talk about something else–ENERGY. Brilliant move or not, Harry Reid has let it known that he yields influence and like his former golden glove boxing days he’ll be putting up serious fight!

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