NV GOP Assembles Basketball Team For Senate Seat

The GOP Dream Team has been assembled for the 2010 elections, but unfortunately they’re all running against each other! We all woke up this morning to the news that State Senator Mark Amodei from Carson City is entering the race for U.S. Senate against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Alright…lets lists the candidates for this seat thus far:

Former Assemblywoman Sharon Angle

Former UNLV Basketball Player & Businessman Danny Tarkanian

State Senator Mark Amodei

Nevada Republican Party Chairwoman Sue Lowden (Not officially announced)

Now in order to have a starting line-up, we’ll need just one more player–who will it be? It has to be somewhat depressing for Republicans who have been struggling to gain control of seats in Nevada to see some of their best candidates all jumping into the ring for a family feud. To his credit, Senator Amodei said he would run a positive campaign, so maybe he’ll be on the side-lines watching the other 3 or 4 folks beat each other up–we’ll see.

What disturbs me is the thought of how much money will be spent on the GOP side during the primary. At a time when the Nevada GOP should be coming together to try and finds ways to defeat Democrats, all they can do is decide to take each other on. I recently had breakfast with another Republican Consultant who told me that he thought is was good for the process to have a crowded primary. We agreed to disagree, and it was then that I realized more and more that many GOP campaign consultants will be working against each other next year.

There remains some campaign talent in Nevada, but they are separated by their political philosophy, friendships, and then there are those who only work campaigns to make money. I’ve always found it dangerous when you have someone motivated by money running your campaign…it’s belief, passion, and the desire to win that should fuel a campaign consultant. In 2010, there will be over a dozen experienced campaign consultants working on Nevada GOP races including myself–if we can just get together after the smoke has cleared, shake hands, and then fight the Democrats, we may be better for it.

Finally, Senator Harry Reid has got to be loving the fact that all these Republicans are jumping into the race against him. Reid is an experienced and vicious campaigner–anyone who has been involved in Nevada politics for any length of time knows that Reid is just going to stay on message. While Republicans are beating each up in the primary, Reid will talk about his Majority Leader status, and the fact that he can bring money and jobs to Nevada. The fallout from the GOP primaries are yet to be seen, but all we can hope is that if the GOP adds another person to their team–it’s a “point guard!”

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