Divisiveness Won’t Win Elections

Recently there has been a lot of talk in Nevada about how down-and-out the GOP is. Truth be told, the Republican Party is in huge disarray, and has been going down hill for the past 5 years.

It wasn’t long ago in 2004 when the Nevada Republican Party was celebrating the re-election of George W. Bush, held a majority in the State Senate, and held every constitutional office from Governor on down! Wow, I remember how this felt—feels like it was just yesterday. The reality is, it was only just 5 years ago…how the GOP in Nevada fell so hard and so fast!

The real reason we fell that nobody is talking about…where do I start? First, a change in leadership at the state and local level created a vacuum and sucked out some of the most talented GOP political operatives in the state. Some of these folks went on to work for campaign firms, others moved out of state to work on some elections, and others started their own consulting firms. After being a part of two successful Presidential election cycles, all that talent and all that knowledge was gone overnight!

As the end of President George W. Bush’s term came to a close, there were individuals in Nevada that thought this would be a good time to try and wrestle control of the party from the establishment. However, they didn’t have the numbers necessary at that time to fight the powerful and influential leaders that maintained control of the GOP for over a decade. Then there was that famous state convention that was never reconvened—I wasn’t there, but heard about all the Ron Paul supporters and what they were trying to do. Personally, I wish the convention had been run properly and reconvened despite the fact that I wasn’t a Ron Paul supporter. In fact, I caucused for Senator John McCain in Las Vegas and he went on to be our nominee for President.

During the past few years, the right-wing neo-cons who don’t know how to get along with their more moderate and sensible FELLOW Republicans have worked to rip the GOP in Nevada apart! We have seen our state turn blue with Democrats having a six-figure edge on us. In addition, we lost a congressional seat, lost the Attorney Generals Office, Treasurer’s Office, Controllers Office, and Secretary of State…this hurts to even write! While all of this was going on, we saw individuals who I would call “Staunch Conservatives” try every trick in the book to get rid of any Republican elected official who didn’t agree with them—the result was, and has been DEFEAT!

I bring you to the 2009 Legislative Session, where a line was drawn in the sand by a handful of conservative Republicans who joined Governor Gibbons on opposing any tax hikes. Before I get too far along, let me again say that I DO NOT like the idea of raising taxes EVER! However, I must disclose that I was working in Governor Guinn’s office during the 2003 Legislative Session when at that time the largest tax increase in states history was presented. I listened attentively and realized while my political philosophy disagreed with the Governors proposal—it was the right thing to do at the time. I can’t imagine what this state would have looked like had that not went through in 2003. Getting back to the legislative session—these SMALL handful of GOP legislators looking to make a name for themselves lost all their political battles. The Governor saw his vetoes reversed and those lawmakers that had the courage and ability to sit down with Democrats were able to broker some concessions.

What really makes me laugh is that you don’t see any of the conservative bloggers talking about this. All they want to do is spend time beating up on any incumbent legislators who disagree with their political philosophy—remember none of these folks have ever been elected to office and haven’t the slightest idea what it means to govern.

Now I bring you to today—where the GOP is still in disarray because not one person has tried to broker a truce between moderates and conservatives. Without mentioning him by name, we see the same old hateful speech being written by one of the most evil and destructive persons I’ve ever met in my life. For some strange reason many Republicans continue to follow this guy—ok, his initials are CM…not sure what he hopes to gain by his actions, but there was a rare bright light last week when he was kicked out of the Clark County Republican Party’s Election! Moral of my story is that we have a long way to go if we want to win any elections next year in Nevada. My hope is that someone will step up to the plate and realize that divisiveness and the destruction of our own won’t win one election next year!

Thursday, July 30th, 2009 Nevada

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