What is Tao Te Ching?

This was the question I asked myself when I was walking through the bookstore a few weeks ago. I stumbled across a few books with “Tao Te Ching in the title and just had to find out what it was. I grabbed a few books off the shelf and started skimming them to see if it would be something of interest. After a few pages I quickly realized that it was something I would truly be interested in learning more about.

I bought a book called “The Tao of Daily Life”, by Derek Lin. While there were about a half-dozen books that I wanted to get I settled on this one because it appeared to be an easy read. It’s a paperback, just over a few hundred pages long and has a personal touch. Mr. Lin takes the ancient teachings of the Tao and includes stories that we can relate to our daily lives.

The English translation of Tao Te Ching as referenced on wikipedia.org is, “The Scripture/Classic/Canon of the Way/Path and the Power/Virtue”. While there are a few other translations, the basic meaning is as referenced. Explaining the Tao would take a very long time and would be a long history lesson. The Tao is ancient Chinese history, and dates back many millennia. The Tao is extremely inspirational and teaches those who choose to understand it, how they can better understand life and their existence on earth.

I have often thought to myself, what am I doing here on this earth? What is my purpose in life and how can I be a better person? What steps can I take to deal with daily life in a more positive and effective manner? Well the Tao teaches these very things and Derek Lin helps to relate the Tao to our daily lives. This book is an inspirational piece of literature and truly draws the reader into the teachings.

It is my goal to apply some of the teachings in this book to my daily life. It’s philosophical in nature and like any self-help book takes time to apply the principles. Our daily habits and thoughts are not changed overnight, so if you read the book like I did and expect instant change in your behavior and attitude, that’s just not going to happen. I recommend using this book as a reference material, reading a passage or two every day to remind you of daily principles to apply throughout your day. I can assure you that if you choose to study the Tao, it will be rewarding, adventurous and fulfilling. If you’re just starting out buying a book on the Tao, I highly recommend starting out with Derek Lin’s, “The Tao of Daily Life”.

Nathan Taylor

Friday, March 14th, 2008 Human Interest

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