Leave My Subway Fare Alone, by Nathan Taylor

Ok, so I lived in Manhattan for a couple of years and I used to take the subways and buses all the time. As a Las Vegas native, it was a serious culture shock, taking the long, very long escalators so many feet underground. At first, I had these visions of getting mugged in the subway, because I had seen so much of that on movies and television over the years. Then I got used to it, and realized just how awesome mass transit was in New York City!

One of the reasons I was so impressed with New York’s mass transit system, was the fact that it was so very affordable to ride the subways and buses all over town. For two dollars, I could get from end of town to the other on the subway. If I were to take a cab, it would be at least twenty dollars and that’s if traffic wasn’t that bad. What a bargain the transit system in New York was I thought to myself.

Then, I started reading in the New York Post about how the MTA was planning on raising fares. I was seriously disappointed to hear this considering the economic constraints this country is in right now. With layoffs in New York City on the raise and folks having a tough time just covering their rents and grocery bills, it came as a shock.

Was the MTA just taking its lead from the United States Congress? Maybe they were, I mean Congress is spending our money like it’s growing on trees and taxing us like we all have more to give–maybe the MTA was trying to emulate Congress.

So of course the MTA Board voted to raise the fares, however there were a few bright lights shining in the distance. One of those bright lights was Mayor Bloomberg who used the phrase, “You Should Be Mad As Hell”…no one could have said it any better Mayor! Then we heard a couple members of the New York State Legislature come out and tell us that they would do everything possible to stop the fares from being raised.

I’ve always liked to look at things like the glass is half full and not half empty. So I was pretty excited to see a few folks came forward to insert some sanity into this insane world we’re all living in. Maybe Mayor Bloomberg and a few high-ranking legislators can keep your ride to work affordable. At some point, we all have to just say that, “we have had enough”, no longer can we continue down this path where we allow those in power to continue to bring us all down with the ship. It’s not our fault that so many companies and governmental agencies never planned for a rainy day–time for us to stop bailing everyone out!

Saturday, March 28th, 2009 Human Interest

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