July 4th is Special

It was a Saturday morning and generally I like to sleep in a little bit–however this Saturday was the 4th of July! Since I was a little kid here in Southern Nevada, I’ve enjoyed attending the Boulder City, NV 4th of July parade–what a great show!

For me, seeing all the United States Military Personnel is my favorite highlight! I don’t think that any of us can thank our troops enough for all they do to keep us safe and free! Near and dear to my heart, is the bravery of our soldiers–since I have friends and family who have served tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, I have a very personal appreciation for their efforts.

Boulder City, NV is a very special place to me since this is where my Grandfather is buried. The Veterans Memorial Cemetery, is one of the most beautiful places that pays tribute of our Military personnel. I talk to people often about donating money to the cemetery, because they are always in need of help.

Independence Day, is one of those holidays where we can truly focus on and be thankful for being Americans! It is so easy for us to take our liberty for granted, but on this day I can’t help but think about how truly fortunate we are to be in this country. As someone who’s been involved in politics most of my adult life, I think about how great it is that we can agree to disagree about public policy issues. I think about how nice it is that I can talk to my Democrat friends and disagree with them, but at the same time I can like them as a person.

On Saturday night when I was watching the beautiful fireworks show in Boulder City, sitting with friends, I felt so fortunate to be there. I couldn’t help but feel such pride for my country and fellow Americans. It is in my opinion the simple pleasures in life can bring us the most joy. Spending time with friends and family and remembering all of the great times. As we often hear, “life is short”, and we should try to live each day to the fullest! Thank you America for all you have given to us, and a special thank you to the United States Military for protecting our freedoms!

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