A Personal Story In Support Of The March Of Dimes, by Maggie Aranowski

March_Of_Dimes_LogoThe March of Dimes Signature Chefs Event of Las Vegas is coming soon! On October 3, 2009 you can have the chance to experience the cuisine of 30 top Las Vegas Chefs, bid on amazing auction items, sip luxurious cocktails but most of all help Nevada’s Babies. I am so passionate about this event and this is why:

Everyone has a story to tell about something or someone that has changed his or her lives. For us, the birth of our first child, our daughter Alexandra, changed our lives forever.

The first time I saw my daughter on the ultrasound and heard her heartbeat I was amazed. She was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. At that moment I fell completely in love with this little baby and immersed myself in the pregnancy. I took my pre-natal vitamins, exercised, ate healthy and read every pregnancy book and magazine. I fantasized about her life, her first words, first steps, birthdays, prom, and her wedding day. I couldn’t wait for us to start our lives with our little girl. I remember coming across an article in a magazine titled ” Pre-term labor” the hidden dangers. Now usually I read every article cover to cover. But this time, I just flipped past it. I thought to myself ” I never smoked or did drugs, I don’t drink, this cant happen to me”. Those were my famous last words ” this won’t happen to me”.

Without any warning during Thanksgiving weekend I started to feel sick. I was 6 months pregnant. We flew home to Chicago to be with our family and the whole weekend I was in pain. I called my doctor, told my family and friends. But nobody really seemed concerned, so then neither was I. Everyone assumed I was just feeling typical pregnancy pains, or worse just being a complainer. But by the time we flew home and went to the hospital, it was too late. I was in active labor with my daughter. After a week of surgeries, drugs, blood tests, injections, specialists and priests…my daughter Alexandra was born premature. I can’t even describe the feeling of seeing her for the first time, I was so proud of her, so proud to be her mother. It was the most meaningful and best moment of my entire life, and when she took her last breath and died in our arms, it was the most horrific and devastating day of our lives. After she died, we were left alone in the hospital room. No one spoke to us, or helped us. We were taken out of the maternity ward and isolated. The worst part was leaving the hospital. The pain of knowing we were going home without our baby girl, and we were leaving her in the morgue– it was insurmountable. In an instant the dreams and hopes we had for her life were gone. There would be no birthdays, no Christmas, no kisses no hugs…. we felt like our life had ended when hers did. This is when our nightmare began. We needed support but instead we were met with denial and comments like ” it was meant to be, you can have another baby, be lucky, because she could have lived and been retarded or blind”. My husband and I were enraged at these comments. We thought, so what if she would have been blind? Does a disabled child deserve to live any less? Does their mother love them any less? We wanted her! She was our baby and we loved her and we wanted her back! We felt so misunderstood.

Desperate for answers I searched the Internet and came across the March of Dimes website. We immediately signed up for our first Walk America and began fundraising. We met amazing people and developed wonderful friendships. For the first time we felt like we weren’t alone. We met people who truly understood how we felt and what we had been through. Through the March of Dimes we found hope. And with that hope the strength to try again. When my son was born healthy and full term I looked into his eyes and saw the resemblance of his big sister. I know my daughter had been watching over us. I know she had sent this baby to us so that we wouldn’t be alone anymore.

They say time heals all wounds, but I don’t believe it. We still feel as if a piece of our family will always be missing. But we have found the courage and dedication to try and make a difference by supporting the March of Dimes. Our goal is to help all babies be born healthy and to be a comfort for other families facing the challenges of prematurely, infant mortality, and birth defects.

Join us at this wonderful event and make a difference in the life of a baby.

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