Today’s Tiananmen Square

If for one second anyone thinks what’s going on in Iran right now is nothing like the Tiananmen Square of 1989, you would be sorely wrong! I watched the YouTube video of a girl in Iran who was peacefully protesting with her father right before being gunned down. What shocked me was that when I watched the video on YouTube, that there were only a little over 18,000 views.

The right to protest your government is one of the most fundamental rights of any democracy. In fact, even governments that operate under Republics and Monarchy’s allow their citizens to protest peacefully and to be heard without fear of intimidation and death.

I’m sure that you share the sadness I feel for the people of Iran right now for what their illegal government is doing to them now. When snipers are picking people out of crowds and shooting them down, one can only call that cold blooded murder. When protesters are told to stay home or suffer consequences by Ayatolla Khomeini, we can only view that as a threat of mass murder by a discredited leader.

What really upsets me right now is that our President has refused to use harsh and stern rhetoric to describe the actions in Iran. The fact that we have not heard from President Obama that he is seeking a coalition of world leaders to stop the violence in Iran is extremely disheartening! Why the hell isn’t President Obama meeting with United Nations leaders to discuss sending in peacekeeping troops to assist the people of Iran from being murdered by their government?

I don’t think anyone has an answer to why Obama is being so silent on this matter. If we as Americans are to have any credibility in the world, we must show consistency on the topic of democracy. All of us know that the recent election in Iran was a total sham and even Iran’s government has as much admitted so by recognizing that there were over 3 million votes counted in the election from folks who never voted!

When a country kicks out all foreign press and only allows news to filter to its people through government controlled media, what are we to think? I’m disappointed in our Presidents actions, or I guess I should say lack there of as it relates to Iran. I think that the world expects more from the leader of the free world when it comes to defending freedom and the personal rights of citizens. Is this the leadership that we can look forward to from President Obama over the next 4 years? I can only hope that he wakes up one morning soon and realizes that he must use his bully-pulpit to help those in Iran that just seek justice, fairness, and freedom.




Monday, June 22nd, 2009 Government

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