Rivera, Taylor Fight Back

It is pretty amazing and somewhat astonishing when I have to write a column about an ugly experience I’ve had with local government! Unfortunately, today I must write this column and speak of a real-life experience that myself and my good friend Juan Rivera are going through!

So, early this past Friday afternoon I received a phone call from a friend of mine working in Clark County Business License–the phone call was for the purpose of informing me that there was an 8 ½ x 11 photo of me posted at the reception desk in Clark County Business License. However, that wasn’t it–there was a note on my photo that instructed County staff to contact security should I be seen in the department!

If this sounds crazy to you, don’t worry…I was pretty floored myself! In addition to my photo being posted at the reception desk of Clark County Business License, there was also a photo of my good friend Juan Rivera. Rivera is a retired Marine, who spent more than 10 years serving our country. Rivera was fired earlier this year, under a cloud of corruption because Rivera refused to compromise his morals and principals on behalf of the department.

While Rivera has had a very public, and valiant fight against Clark County Business License, I myself have tried to remain neutral and professional since I must do business with the department. Rivera was recently featured on a Las Vegas FOX 5 News interview which I posted on my YouTube channel. Rivera revealed that his dismissal from the department was due to his lack of a go along-get along policy that accepted corruption. Employees in the department of Business License, have been for years taking favors and maybe even kick-backs for not citing establishments violating Clark County Code.

Retaliation against Rivera has been very public and in my opinion one of the most disgusting displays of character assassinations I’ve ever seen. I say this with authority considering the fact that I’ve spent almost 15 years involved with the political process here in Nevada. Following Rivera’s departure, the hierarchy of the Clark County Business License Department posted photos of Rivera, along with e-mails stating that Rivera may be a danger to the department. In addtion, employees were instructed to notify security upon Rivera’s citing was made mandatory. As you can imagine, this was extremely defamatory to Rivera, a man who has served our country with distinction in the United States Marines, and fathers 4 children whom he loves and adores with all of his being! I’ve in fact witnessed Rivera with his wife and children, and can tell you that he’s a man of honor whom all of us should hold in high esteem.!

While I wasn’t shocked, I found it very disturbing to receive a phone call this past Friday from a friend in Clark County Business License informing me that there was a picture of myself and Juan Rivera posted at the reception desk of the Business License Department. My first reaction was to come unglued and call for someone’s head, but instead I made few phone calls. I spoke to some top Clark County officials who told me they had no knowledge of my make-shift mug shot posted in the Business License Department. In the end, I had to contact a Clark County Commissioner who facilitated the removal of photo, along with Mr. Rivera’s. This story isn’t over, and I would urge everyone who reads this to contact the Clark County Managers office and call for the removal of Business License Director Jacqueline R. Holloway. For too many years, there has been a culture of corruption and fear that Ms. Holloway has allowed to exist under her watch. Please send a message to County government that we won’t allow this to be accepted in our community!

Sunday, October 11th, 2009 Government

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