Pulse of New Obama Healthcare Plan is Flat-lining!

I spent this past weekend talking to a few senior citizens in Southern California, where the Democrats and Liberals have a strong-hold. I discussed with them their thoughts about Obama’s proposed healthcare legislation.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that these DEMOCRATS were PISSED! Yes, they were pissed, and very much AGAINST Obama’s plan! On this day, I didn’t need to read a poll on one of our cable news channels to see that the American public is turning against this President and his plan to SOCIALIZE this country.

The majority of Americans agree that they want to choose their own doctor. They agree that if they work hard for their employer, that they deserve to have healthcare insurance. Most of us agree that we don’t want to be put on a list to have a surgery based on the opinions of our government. We also agree that government isn’t very good at running a business, therefore how in the hell are they going to run a nationalized healthcare plan?

We’ve got a great example of how efficient the government has been lately–CASH FOR CLUNKERS! Lets see, they decided to hand out $4,500.00 checks to anyone who would buy one of Obama’s cars! Oh, and then they saw an overwhelming number of people show up at dealerships to get rid of their cars and collect a check. Then, you’ll never believe it, the Federal Government blew through over a BILLION DOLLARS in less than a week! I guess they didn’t think that giving money away during one of the worst recessions in American history would be popular.

So, now we’ve got Congress passing a bill to add another couple BILLION DOLLARS to the CASH FOR CLUNKERS campaign, while we continue to run-up our more than a TRILLION DOLLARS deficit! How can we believe that all of this spending, and all this mismanagement of government is going to provide great healthcare for our citizens? Can we have confidence in our President that he’ll help all of us live better when he can’t even provide good care to our Veterans? What in the world are we to think about a Federal government that continues to print and spend money like it’s water, and expect a good outcome?

I think these are all great questions for us to ask, but what scares me is that the answer to these questions is not good! It’s not like our President is spending money on our military and doing what he can to protect us from terrorists. It’s not like our President is finding better ways to protect our borders or installing a missile defense system. My point being, is that justifying spending when it relates to ACTUALLY protecting our citizens is a whole other debate. This President and this administration is driving our country into the ground over-night!

Obama has been in office for 7 months, and all we have seen is DECLINE, DECLINE, DECLINE! Obama is presiding over some of the largest unemployment numbers to hit this country, and all he wants to do is take away our money, raise taxes, and grow government. Is this the road to prosperity?

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