Promises Made, Promises Kept

In today’s world, it isn’t often that a politician makes promises to his constituents, and keeps them. More often then not, once elected politicians quickly forget how they got there and almost immediately begin breaking campaign promises. However, sometimes we get that rare soul who keeps their promises and delivers on their campaign rhetoric.

Let me introduce you to Las Vegas City Councilman Stavros Anthony–elected earlier this summer, eking out a 10 vote win! During Councilman Anthony’s campaign, he talked about his philosophy of fiscal conservatism as it related to the operation of City Government. In addition, one of the key issues in his race was NOT funding the construction of a new City Hall. Anthony consistently said, “we don’t need a new City Hall…I like the one we have.” This message rang loud and clear through Ward 4, and voters decided that Anthony had the right ideas, and best plan for the residents of Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Sun published an interesting article today on Councilman Anthony’s first 3 months on the Council. “Councilman Stavros Anthony takes on the role of the contrarian”

What I found most interesting about this story was the fact that they pointed out all the “no” votes Councilman Anthony has made against funding projects. The story also pointed out that more often than not, Councilman Anthony is the single dissenting vote on the Council. Some may think that Anthony is just trying to make a name for himself, but I know the truth. I’ve known Councilman Anthony for over 10 years and have always known him to be a man of principle. Even his fellow officers at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department say that Anthony does what he feels is the right thing to do.

So, a lone voice for the few or the many? Since most people are apathetic about politics and rarely get involved in their local government, I don’t have the answer to that question. What I will say is that no matter how you feel about the issues, it’s nice to see an elected official stand for something–in a day and age where we are rarely inspired, Councilman Anthony is a breath of fresh air!

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