Common Sense Ideas for Obamacare, by Martin Janowski

Let us start with the obvious. Obamacare does not exist. President Obama has proposed reforms in health care, health care insurance reform, a desire that all the 57 million (his number) uninsured now be insured, and that he wants a plan that does not raise taxes on those making under $250,000 a year and will not kill Grandma.

Hey, I wanted X-ray vision too, when I was a kid, and the comic book ads said I could get glasses for that, but that did not exist either.

What we have now is a House bill passed out of three committees and not yet adopted by the full House that is more than 1000 pages long and has more scary stuff in it than a weekend marathon of horror movies. We have three Senate bills in various stages of development in committee and they may or may not have some of the same stuff the House has in their bill.

Everybody gets what he or she wants. President Obama can honestly say that any accusations from the public are not in his bill because he doesn’t have one.

Senators can honestly say that they are working on the bill or they have not seen the final version, so they can promise that they’ll take out or keep in whatever’s bugging the constituents they happen to be talking to at the time.

House members can honestly say they have not seen whatever horrors people find in the House bill because most of them have not read it.

The public can demonstrate and yell and scream and get their 30 seconds of fame on TV or radio talk shows or YouTube, but still can’t seem to sight in on their ever-moving target.

The perception among the ever-shrinking minority that supports health care reform is that the Federal Government will take over health care, allow everyone to be insured, get rid of those icky insurance preexisting conditions, tax only the very rich, and end up saving money for taxpayers, through computerization of medical records and other savings in Medicare and Medicaid.

Who says Americans have lost their dreams and their vast imaginations?

The reality is a bit drearier. Obama will sign any kind of health care reform bill that makes it out of Congress because the law they pass will have no direct impact on your health care. It simply allows bureaucrats in the Federal government to rewrite all the regulations and take over your health care and the decision-making process that is now between you, your doctor, and your choice of insurance company.

Do you believe that government health care is better than what is now available in the private sector? The President, members of Congress, and all Federal workers don’t believe that. They have a top of the line private insurance plan that you, the taxpayer, pay for.

Ask a Native American on the reservation how good their government plan is. The Federal government guarantees health care for all Native Americans on reservations. The word on the reservation is “don’t get sick after June”, because the health care service runs out of money then and the new fiscal year doesn’t start until October 1.

Ask a veteran who gets their medicines from a VA hospital. VA pharmacies routinely run out of medicines months before the end of the fiscal year and turn veterans away.

Do you know of any government program that works more cost-effectively than a private sector business? More important, can you name one time that the government has taken over a private sector business and saved money doing it?

Health care reform was supposed to be the camel getting its proverbial nose in the tent to ultimately allow the government to make very public decisions about everything that is now private, including rationing care, and deciding who is productive enough to get expensive health care treatment and who should just take a pain pill and get ready to die.

Fortunately, this camel stinks so much, the American public smelled it out and is yelling at it to go away. Keep yelling, because the camel is circling your tent, looking for another way to get its nose inside.

I’ve got a simple suggestion. Find cost savings in Medicare, Medicaid and other Federal health programs that currently exist under law. When the Federal government can demonstrate that they have achieved these cost savings, come back and tell us how it can work with our private sector health care plans that most of us now are pleased with. As the Bible says, “Take the plank out of your own eye first, and then you will see clearly enough to take out the splinter that is in your brother’s eye.” (Luke 6:26)

I had a chapter on health care reform in my book (New Wine, Fresh Skins! Essays and Insights on 21st Century Issues) that I wrote nearly ten years ago that works better than anything currently out there. Maybe we should dust that off and take another look at it.

Guest Columnist Martin Janowski

Thursday, August 20th, 2009 Government
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