Another Missed Opportunity for Governor Gibbons

I keep crossing my fingers hoping that one day, Governor Gibbons will walk into his office at the State Capital and realize that his “no new taxes” pledge is getting old and it’s getting old really fast!

Before I finish this, let me again remind you that I’m a Republican…and yes, I don’t like the idea of “new taxes.” I don’t like it at all, but I’m starting to wonder how in the world Nevada can continue going down the road it is currently on without reforming how we do business? As I speak to my fellow Nevadan’s, here are just a few things that Republicans and Democrats seem to agree on:

  • Funding for Education needs to “increase” NOT “decrease”
  • Cutting programs like Medicaid hurts our citizens
  • Abolishing programs for our seniors should NOT be an option
  • Providing adequate care for our Veterans is a MUST
  • Continuing to build the infrastructure in Las Vegas (roads, flood control, parks, schools), is VERY important.
  • Providing necessary government services to taxpayers SHOULD be a priority

Last, but not least, providing leadership from the TOP down is always a great place to start when solving a problem (this was mine!)

Bottom-line, I’ve never once in my more than 13 years in politics heard anyone say that they love paying taxes. I’ve also never heard (not even a Democrat) say that they LOVE passing new taxes. Having said that, taxes are in place to provide essential services to its states citizens. Taxes are in place to fund things like education, senior services, veterans services, etc.

Since most of what WE citizens get back from our government is based on what we pay into our government, most citizens expect an appropriate response. Therefore, constant cuts in education, Medicare, and providing sufficient staffing levels are extremely important.

I was talking to one of my friends from New York the other day and we talked about the fact that Nevada doesn’t have a state sales tax. My friend was saying how she wished that she didn’t have to pay the state tax that New York citizens must pay, and lamented how lucky Nevadan’s were. I chuckled a bit and said that while we don’t pay a state sales tax, we do pay a lot of “fees.” It was then I explained what we pay to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and a few other state agencies that collect some handsome “fees.”

To get to my point, I don’t think that sticking to a “no new taxes” pledge is something to hang your hat on. I don’t think that considering our current situation it’s something to be remotely proud of. Last time I checked, the job of a Governor was to do what is right for ALL of the citizens in this state. Pandering to “right wing extremist” and “conservative radicals” is NOT in the best interest of Nevada.

What is in the best interests of Nevadan’s is to do what is right to preserve what’s important to all of us. Providing great education to our students, taking care of our veterans, ensuring that state workers, who by the way are already severely underpaid (except for the Governors staff–they are paid quite well) have the resources they need to do their jobs, and making budget cuts in areas with the least impact on the public–this is what should be going on.

I’ve seen a number of state legislators, Republicans and Democrats working together to do this very thing. I can only hope that in the days ahead, Governor Gibbons can come together with these legislators and figure out how the state can find alternative revenue sources. Let me add that I don’t supporting raiding local governments to accomplish the goals of the state. I don’t know if it is new taxes, or increasing fees somewhere–since I don’t have the research or facts legislators are privy to, all I can do is say that something needs to be done. I know that we have the talent in Carson City to make the right decisions for our citizens–I just wish the Governor would join this fight!

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