Is The Bear Market Starting to Become Bullish Again?

Ok, so the analyst are saying that they are seeing some increase in the amount of money investors are starting to put into the market. Many are starting to wonder if this means the bear market is starting to get a little more bullish. However, what many investors are doing, is putting their money into less volatile stocks–unlike the risks we saw investors taking in 2007, folks are still reluctant to back hedge funds and new technology.

The problem with the trend we are seeing on Wall Street is that new money is trickling into the market at a very slow rate. Those already in the market are still worried about many of the blue chip stocks, but are still putting faith in an upward turn. While I understand much of the fright investors still have, I’ve continued to feel that we’re close if not at the bottom.

Housing is still very tough right now and especially in my hometown of Las Vegas. While sales our up and inventories are starting to decrease, we could see another round of foreclosures his our city. I continue to stress that in Las Vegas we are close to seeing over 13,000 new jobs come online. This should mean an increase in home sales and history has shown that consumer spending will see a spike as a result of these new jobs.

Business owners I’m speaking with are beginning to have more confidence as 2009 moves on. I’m even seeing some of my clients looking at opening up second and third locations as prices in the commercial real estate market are hitting record lows. As I’ve been saying, if you have cash right now to invest in this market, now is the time to get in. While we may not reach the equity highs of 2007 for at least five to ten more years, if you’re in it for the long haul, prosperity will come your way.

If you’re a new business in Las Vegas, or looking to get into the Southern Nevada market–visit my website at:

Friday, July 24th, 2009 Economics

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