Jobs, Jobs, and More Jobs!

In my last article, I commented on the more than 12,000 jobs being filled in Las Vegas at MGM CityCenter–now we have the news that Hard Rock Las Vegas is filling more than 500 positions! It is my hope that when the analysts said that the Las Vegas economy would start to come back during the fall of this year–they were right!

Amanda Finnegan wrote an article today in the Las Vegas Sun that said:

“The Strip’s new Hard Rock Café, set to open this summer, is looking to hire more than 500 employees to staff the restaurant’s second Las Vegas location.”

So the grand total of new jobs between the two hotels is up to 12,500…we’re on our way! If Las Vegas continues to develop new properties and move forward with planned expansions, we’ll start to get folks off the unemployment rolls and begin to turn our local economy around.

As the private-sector slowly starts to rebound, it will only be then that local government can come back. The City of Las Vegas and Clark County have had a hiring freeze for over a year now, and are severely understaffed in some departments. With new companies and hotels coming online, this will mean more tax revenue for our government entities and maybe then we can see some of our public service employees laid off return back to work.

All we can do now is continue to have faith that Las Vegas will continue to attract tourists the way we always have. While numbers at the airport are down and room occupancy at many of our hotels are way off–Las Vegas is still staying packed on the weekends, and the summer fun has been what many are saying, “only in Vegas could I do this…” we are well on our way to a comeback!

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 Economics

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