Get Out The Way…Sandoval is Coming

The Nevada GOP’s “night in shining armor” emerged this week as news broke that former Attorney General and sitting Federal Judge Brian Sandoval is resigning his Judgeship! Just as commentators like myself were starting to get discouraged about Republican prospects for 2010, Sandoval changes the landscape. › Continue reading

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Saturday, August 15th, 2009 Politics Comments Off on Get Out The Way…Sandoval is Coming

Energy Issue Being Ripped from GOP Grasp

Following U.S. Senator Harry Reid’s remarkable power-play this week know as the “Energy Summit”, I began to speak to some of my GOP friends to find out their thoughts on the energy issue. What Reid and some of the Democrats have been doing, is stealing the spotlight on the topic of energy. This is a huge mistake by the GOP to allow someone else to frame the debate and take credit for any progress.

While alternative sources of energy is a complex and highly volatile topic, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t engage in dialogue, and one of the two major parties in America, the GOP should be all over this! Look, we need to create jobs and we need to be doing whatever it takes to lower our energy costs. Politicians have been talking for years about our need to stop buying so much energy from foreign countries. One of my favorite slogans, coined by former Governor and Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin was “Drill Baby, Drill!”

Can we keep going down the road we’ve been going down with regards to energy? Will the Republicans cultivate a plan on energy and start delivering it to the people before the Democrats take it over? I’m worried that our national GOP leadership has surrendered this issue to the Democrats, and if that is the case…we’re in BIG trouble! I know we are all embroiled in this healthcare debate, but PLEASE don’t forget about the importance of talking about ENERGY.

I read a very interesting story yesterday in the Las Vegas Sun about a company wanting to build a solar power plant outside Las Vegas. As always, the environmentalist started fighting the proposed project on account of some desert tortoises. I love turtles too, but not enough to jeopardize the advancement of technology and the search for alternative sources of energy. Maybe they can work something out, but these issues generally drag on for years!

With the 2010 elections crucial to the power structure in our country for the next decade, there is a lot at stake. Redistricting is always a very political and highly controversial exercise for state legislators. I was fortunate enough to be involved in redistricting in Nevada during the 2000 U.S. Census–reaching out to voters and explaining positions on important issues will be paramount next year. If the GOP doesn’t formulate a message other than being the party of decent, it will be a long and very disappointing year for Republicans.

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Friday, August 14th, 2009 Politics Comments Off on Energy Issue Being Ripped from GOP Grasp

The Era of Infidelity

Over the past week, we’ve heard of the shocking announcements of two high-ranking elected officials having cheated on their wives. The reality of these announcements is that I found in my discussions with people that they were not really shocked. Unfortunately, we’ve all become too accustomed to these types of actions by elected officials, movie stars, and corporate executives. › Continue reading

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Monday, June 29th, 2009 Politics Comments Off on The Era of Infidelity
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