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Tough Times Bring Us Together

Family usually ranks pretty high on the priority list for most people, and during these tough economic times, that couldn’t more true. It seems that none of us have a whole lot of extra money to spend these days and the everyday luxuries are being cut back drastically. In recent months many of us have had to cut back on trips to the coffee shops, nail salons, tanning beds and as I’ve read in recent articles, housekeepers, lawn maintenance companies and pest control providers are being canceled by the thousands.

In order for many of us to afford putting gas in our cars, putting food on the table and paying the utility bills, drastic changes in our everyday spending habits has to change. With credits markets practically frozen, many folks can’t qualify for auto loans, home loans and those who could once count on drawing money on the equity in their homes find themselves upside down due to falling home prices. I know this sounds very doom and gloom, but believe it or not, there is a brighter side to all the negativity in our world today.

While it shouldn’t take a crisis to bring people together, we often find this is the reality in most of our lives. We saw how the country came together and people’s priorities changed after 9/11 and now we are seeing that happen in another way today. Families are coming together to support each other in ways they may not have otherwise have done with the economy is such shambles. I was pondering the thought of something bad happening to my family and realizing all the sacrifices I would be willing to make in order to help them–I know this would be the case for many American’s who cherish the importance of family. Throughout our nation’s history, we have seen how people come together to support one another during desperate times. During The Great Depression families, friends and communities had to come together to make sure that everyone was able to have something to eat and a place to sleep. I’m not sure this current crisis will reach the magnitude of The Great Depression, but something I can guarantee is there is definitely a need for all of us to stick together and support each other in any way possible.

Not everyone shares the same priorities in life, but there is one aspect of everyone’s life that remains constant. I speak of the passion, focus and love most of us have for our families. When one of our family members is down and out, we often come to their rescue. In many ways, this is an inherent instinct we have to protect the one’s we love. As America faces one of the worst economic down-turns in our countries history, we all must refocus our efforts on the importance of supporting the one’s we love.

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Yes, I’ve been on the economy trip for awhile and I’ve always been on the alternative energy bandwagon! So why should I stop now, I’m going to tie these two important issues together and kill two birds with one stone.

We all know we have serious issues with the economy that I have wrote extensively about in past articles. I believe that in order to help fix the woes of our economy, we need to now more than ever focus on advancing the study and implementation of alternative energy sources.

What happens when thousands of jobs are created? Well besides decreasing the number of unemployment claims, one of the important economic indicators, it also has another important effect. More jobs means more people paying taxes, and more people spending money in our economy. When people spend more money, it has a trickle down effect in the economy–justifying more jobs for thousands and maybe millions of Americans.

President Ronald Reagan was a big fan of supply side-side economics, and advocated less taxes on Americans allowing them more money to spend in the marketplace. While this economic approach is debatable like most economic theories, it is one that I lend a lot of credence to. I’ve always thought that if more Americans were able to keep more of their money, we would not have a lot of the problems we have today. It always seems like when we give our government more of our money, they not only find more ways to spend it, but they also tend to spend it the wrong way.

My thought is that if our government took the $700 billion dollars they just used for the bailout bill and invested it in alternative energy, we could solve our dependence on foreign oil, create more jobs, and stimulate the economy at the same time. While I don’t support the government getting involved in the private sector, I would support their subsidizing the initial creation of quasi government entities to explore the many energy options we have here in America.

Can you imagine if we created jobs exploring and creating energy through:

  • Clean Coal Technology
  • Natural Gas
  • Wind Power
  • Solar Power
  • Nuclear Power
  • Hydroelectric Power
  • Finally, I must say DRILL BABY, DRILL!!!

If we could just come together as a people and demand more from our government, I believe that many of the problems we face today can be solved. I’ve always believed in a citizens government, a government that represents the many and not the few. A government that works to solve the problems of everyday Americans and not a government that serves the purpose of the powerful and privileged in our nation. Just think about this plan and if you agree, let me know. Maybe we can send a message to the folks that make the decisions!

Nathan Taylor

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