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Where Did They Come From?

As I watch the news these days I can’t help but be amazed by what much of our youth has become. I see the shootings, the beatings being broadcast on youtube, and the blatant disregard for authority. Writing this article is a little scary, because it makes me feel old to start analyzing the behavior of kids!After this reflection, of what I can only call the most disrespectful, thuggish, uneducated, and let me add, well I was going to say domestic terrorists, but maybe that’s a little harsh. I have thought to myself, where did these kids come from?

This made me start doing research on the different generations we currently have in our country. Of course we know about the “Greatest Generation”, the one I am proud to say my grandfather was part of. The “Baby Boomers”, my parent’s generation, and the last two I’ll mention, “Generation X”, my generation, and “Generation Y”. Doing this research would help to answer my question as to where these kids have come from.

Sad to say, I am not happy with the answer I have found. It appears that these current misfits are products of; yes you guessed it, “Generation X”. Let me first remind you that “Generation Xer’s” were born between the mid 1960’s and 1981. Many of the Xer’s had children at a very young age, similar to their predecessors, the “Baby Boomers”. Without getting into a long discussion of the generational differences, I must say that”Generation Xer’s” are a mixed bag. Having followed the generation that coined the term “free-love”, “peace” and “groovy”, there was much confusion as to what was right and wrong.

Most of the “Baby Boomer” families had both parents working trying hard to stay on top of the middle-class. This of course led to a generation that didn’t have their parent’s home much and were often left to partially raise themselves. This of course led to teen pregnancy’s being high and early drug use. However, First Lady Nancy Reagan did a valiant job launching the “Just Say No To Drugs” program. The Xer’s became the first generation that saw their children being raised much more by their parents instead of them. As grandparents often do, they spoil their grandchildren and are not as quick to discipline.

The moral of the story is that the early Xer’s kids are now the one’s we see roaming the streets at well past midnight, cursing their elders, disrespecting all authority, and helping our nation rank toward the bottom when it comes to educational achievement. These are the kids that threaten to call the police on their parents if they hit them. These are the kids that don’t know the world without cell phones, that think rabbit ears actually belong to a rabbit, and wouldn’t know the first thing about how the “video killed the radiostar!”

I wrap this up by saying that raising your children under the old-school standards needs to be brought back. Having dinner with your children, teaching them respect for their elders, being their parent and not their friend, disciplining them with consistency, and monitoring who they socialize with. While these aren’t all the answers to our current problem, they would go along way toward making our communities a much safer place to live.

Nathan Taylor

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Tim Russert “An American Icon”

Honestly, this is a hard column to write, because it is so emotional. As someone who follows the media very closely and loves to talk about current events, I can honestly say that I was one of the most appreciative persons of the now late Tim Russert.I don’t think you had to agree with all of Tim’s politics to know he was one of the most respected journalists in the world. While Tim Russert had many qualities, I believe that what endeared him to most Americans, including myself was that he was honest. Every time you watched Tim on television, you knew he was telling the truth. There was never any question that you were getting an honest, fair and accurate portrayal of the news.

In this day and age when there is so much criticism of the media, I can honestly say I never heard anyone criticize the way Tim Russert did the news. His interviewing abilities may never be matched in the modern media. His intellect, drive and determination to do everything right is what attracted so many to Meet The Press every Sunday morning. I have for years watched the program and always enjoyed Tim’s sense of humor, his courage and devotion to his job.

Tim Russert’s sudden death has left a huge hole in the media world. America has lost an icon in the news business, a person that can never be replaced. I can only say that the memories he has left us will always be an example of what the best in the media business is. I bought Tim Russert’s book last year Wisdom of Our Fathers, and can honestly say that those stories he told in that book are some of the best news he ever covered. What came from his heart was the best of what he did…thank you Tim Russert for all you did for all Americans-you will be missed.

Nathan Taylor

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Never Ever Forget

As we approach the 7th year anniversary of arguably the most horrific tragedy in American history; many thoughts come to my mind. The events of September 11, 2001 will be forever in the minds of this current generation and will now be part of the history books and will for decades come to shape foreign policy decisions, domestic military tactics and of course the issue of how to deal with terrorism.I thank God every single day that America hasn’t been attacked again, but knowing how many times since 9/11 many have attempted to attack us again always leaves me with an uneasy feeling. While I know that we have come a long way in boosting security here at home, I know there is so much more that needs to be done.

First and foremost, we need to protect our borders in the north and south from rampant illegal immigration. Second, we need to inspect and monitor all imports into this country. We must put into place economic protections that enable us to rely more on our own natural resources than those of foreign nations.

While I know these aren’t new solutions, they are realities that once and for all need to be implemented. We have listened to so many in our government speak of these reforms for years, while doing nothing about it. Lip service is all we seem to get from Washington, and the word “results” only seems to apply to members of Congress when they are watching election returns in November.

I can only hope that after 7 years of reflection on the importance of protecting the American people, that those tasked with keeping us safe will make some real progress. Those men, women and children that lost their lives on September 11th deserve to always be in the minds of all of us. For it was on that day, that for so many the world is now looked at in a different frame of mind. If there was any innocence left, it was erased that day and now we must do whatever it takes to prevent this from ever happening again.

Nathan Taylor

Friday, June 13th, 2008 Human Interest No Comments
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