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Nuclear Waste and Earthquakes

The phrase “Nuclear Waste and Earthquakes” has an interesting sound to it. It sounds like two things that just don’t go together. The fact of the matter is, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit the small town of Wells, Nevada on February 21, 2008. In addition, Nevada is the site being designated by the Federal Government for the nations nuclear waste repository.”No way” you say! Well I’m sorry, but it’s true. The Nevada Seismological Laboratory based out of the University of Nevada Reno ranks Nevada third in the nation for earthquakes with magnitudes 5 or higher. Even with this scientific fact, the Federal Government still thinks this is a great place to store hazardous nuclear material.

After the recent earthquake in Wells, NV it reminded me how dangerous it would be to store nuclear material just outside of the City of Las Vegas. There are close to 7 active fault lines in Las Vegas alone, if that gives you any idea of how volatile the area is. In recent years there have been several minor earthquakes outside the area and groundwater near the proposed nuclear site seems to be dangerously high.

While politics often comes into play where the Federal Government is concerned, I don’t think going forward it should or needs to be. Nevada politicians only need point to science to defend the prospect of putting a permanent nuclear waste dump in our state. This is not a partisan, liberal or conservative issue-it’s a safety issue. Many of Nevada’s elected officials have proposed sensible alternatives to storing this waste.

It has always been my opinion that one of the most dangerous aspects of this proposed dump is the transportation of it. Unfortunately, we live in a time where terrorist threats are at the center of American security. I can’t even imagine what would happen if a terrorist was able to get a hold of one of the trucks transporting this nuclear waste. The damage to people and property is almost unimaginable. This is why Nevadan’s and the rest of American’s should start voicing their concerns to the Federal Government. Think about how many states the waste from Virginia would have to travel through to get to Nevada. That thought alone should convince everyone in our nation to take steps to find safe ways to store nuclear waste where it resides. One state’s waste could be another state’s disaster.

Nathan Taylor

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Need a Lawyer?

The other day I had a friend of mine who for the first time in her life needed a lawyer. They didn’t know what to do, who to call or where to start. For many of us, having a lawyer is just second nature. The problem that really arises is when you don’t have the money to pay the astronomical fees.Lawyers charge on average anywhere from $100.00 an hour to $500.00 an hour. Now there are lawyers that charge much more than that, but these fees are the norm. If you are an average Joe and you need a lawyer because you have been wronged, it is almost impossible to afford one.

While there are some lawyers that do pro-bono work, they are few and far between. Some communities have pro-bono associations that assist those in need, but the quality of representation may be in question. Recent law school graduates are known to do some pro-bono work, but depending on your problem they may or may not be versed in the particular segment of the law you require.

My friend needed a lawyer to defend themselves from someone who was falsely accusing them of something. In fact, they were being accused of something on the internet and the only way they could stop this was to file a libel and slander suit. However, she doesn’t have the money to pay a lawyer to represent her in a case like this. She’s a college student and works part-time as a waitress. How could she possibly afford a $5,000.00 retainer (that’s what she was quoted)?

This is just one example of a widespread problem in our society. Unfortunately, with the advent of the internet and blogging it is only going to get worse. How are we going to deal with this? How can we help others find legal representation and assist them in paying for it? Can anything be done about widespread libel and slander on the internet? I’m not sure what the answer to this is right now, but maybe if enough people start addressing the issue we can find a way to minimize the effects that are hurting so many.

Nathan Taylor

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How valuable is LinkedIn and other social networks to entrepreneurs?

How valuable is LinkedIn and other social networks to entrepreneurs?  I really have to wonder.  And I’m really hoping someone can give me some feedback on this.  I know lots of people that are using social networks to further their careers – but as EMPLOYEES.  The other side of the coin is people that I know that are entrepreneurs and are poking at LinkedIn and other social networks but really have not figured out any benefit to them for their businesses.

Recruiters aside, is there any small business owners or entrepreneurs that have ‘hit the mother lode’ with social networking?  If you fit in that category and have a story to tell – I’d really like to feature you in an article that I’ve been asked to write in a business journal magazine.

Thanks in advance,

Nathan Taylor

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A friend of mine had a crazy idea for a t-shirt…

 High Desert MarinaJuniors Bait Shop

A buddy of mine in Northern Nevada is poking fun about a serious topic – global warming. He has these bizarre ideas for t-shirts. Take a look…

Nathan Taylor


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